Dunalley Open Day

We were delighted to hold our virtual Open Day on November 3rd, thank you to all who attended.

The feedback from our vitual event has been very complimentary indeed, as you can see from a few of the comments below;

"A really reasuring and encouraging session, thank you all for your time."

"Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to a Saturday session to look around.  It sounds like a beautiful school.  Can't wait to see it with my child."

“You have a beautiful school with a wonderful ethos. You should all be very proud.”

 “Your school is the only one I’ve seen that has attempted a zoom session, so credit should be made for attempting it, plus it gave parents an actual opportunity to interact so thank you for that. I thought Mrs Godfrey, the other teachers and the school came across very well. Clear, warm and lots of information. I liked that there were other staff on the call too, gave good breadth of knowledge. It was great to have lots of time for questions and so helpful to be able to hear questions from other parents, many of which I wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you so much, we are definitely considering Dunalley.”

 “In the current COVID  situation this was a great way to talk about the school as an option and discuss anything we needed to, website is fab showing us what we want. Thank you

There is a lot of information in the table below in case you missed our virtual event, please take a look at your leisure, we hope that these videos will provide you with a good insight to life at Dunalley.