The study of geography at Dunalley involves our pupils exploring the relationship and interactions between people and the environments in which they live and upon which they depend. Learning geography helps to prepare our pupils for life in the 21st century with all of its currently unknown possibilities. From adapting and mitigating the impact of climate change and predicting natural hazards such as earthquakes, to understanding the causes and effects of flooding in the local area, our pupils will need to know about geography and to think like geographers.  Geographers make links and connections between the natural world and human activity. In line with the statutory requirements of the national curriculum for geography which must be balanced and broadly based, our school commits to ensuring that every pupil at every stage of learning has regular and appropriately challenging and engaging learning in geography and helps to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in an increasingly globalised world.  

In accordance therefore with the importance we attach to geography,our subject provision will:  

  • stimulate pupils’ interest in their surroundings and in the rich variety of human and physical conditions on the earth’s surface;  
  • enhance pupils’ sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people 
  • enable pupils to study a range of places, cultures and environments and at a variety of scales, from local to global;  
  • foster a sense of understanding about how all peoples and communities around the world are interconnected and interdependent with each other and the ecosystems of which they are an integral part and upon which we all depend;  
  • help build our pupil’s cultural capital through, in addition to providing the essential knowledge and understanding they need to be successful, enhancing their experiences and interactions with the ‘awe and wonder’ of the world especially through regular fieldwork. 

OPEN DAY for 2024 Starters

20 Nov 2023

Another OPEN DAY for September 2024 Starters will take place on January 9th 2024 at 9.30am to 10.30am - please just come along!
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OPAL Bingo - Winners

15 Nov 2023

Coming Soon !
Another OPAL Bingo opportunity

OPAL Platinum Award

18 Apr 2023

Awarded Platinum
This award means that Dunalley primary has some of the best lunchtime play opportunities in the country for all their pupils.

Sports Day

24 Mar 2023

Sports Day 
KS2 - 11th July 
KS1 - 13th July

OPAL Bingo

31 Jan 2023

The competition has started, which class can conmplete their OPAL Bingo card?

Parent Walkthrough - Read, Write Inc KS1

13 Jan 2023

Parents/Carers are invited to our Walk through on Thursday 2nd February from 9am to 9.30am

Healthy Schools Award

16 Dec 2022

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Healthy Schools Award

Year 6 Art

21 Nov 2022

Our Year 6 children have prodiced some fabulous art work.

Call of the Wild

04 Oct 2022

Our Year 6 residential week is underway.The children are having a fabulous time.

Y6 - Secondary School Open Days

16 Sep 2022

Over the coming few weeks there are a number of open days in the local area that we would like to make you aware of.